Catalan process in the welsh BBC

Thanks to the people from the blog "Syniadau" we are able to place here the video about the catalán people's viwes about the political process going on in Catalonia.
This video was filmed in Girona, norteast of Catalonia, and there appears, between others, our friend Maite, a catalán that is a welsh speaker.
Enjoy the video!!!



El procés català ha tingut la seva aparició a la BBC en llengua gal.lesa. Gràcies als companys de Syniadau, el blog sobiranista gal.lès, us deixem el link de la noticia, on surten entrevistes a Girona, entre elles la de la Maite, companya gal.lesoparlant.
malauradament no tenim subtitles encara!!!!


The cornish national identity recognised by the UK government

The UK goverment has granted minority status to the cornish people. This national identity then joins the other celtic ones that has this same recognition in the UK (irish, welsh and scottish).
After 15 years of campaigning, it is a great moment for the cornish people who at least gets some recongnition of their existence as a separate identity in the british state.
This announcement was made by the goverment on 24th of April.

link to the government announcement site:

A month ago the goverment also granted 120.000 pounds to the Maga Project to establish the cornish language as an everyday language in Cornwall/Kernow.

link to Maga website:



El 24 d'abril el govern britànic va anunciar el reconeixemnt de la identitat nacional còrnica, que passa així al costat de les altres tres nacionalitats celtes reconegudes al Regne Unit (irlandesa, escocessa i gal.lesa).
Després de 15 anys de campanya per a què es produís aquest fet ha sigut un momento molt important per tota la gent que lluita pel reconeixemnt de la identitat de Cornualla.
El mes de ma´rç també es va anunciar per part de Nick Clerg que es subvencionava amb 120.000 pounds al projecte Maga, que vol dur a terme campanyes per l'ús diari de la llengua còrnica, per part d'escoles i negocis.
enllaç a Maga:

ens felicitem per aquests dos fets!!!


Gelert as a graphic adventure

I got few weeks ago the DVD "Gelert" by Griffith Ffilms, a North Wales company that in 2010 produced a graphic adventure based on the famous legend Gelert, about a loyal wolfhound owned by the prince Llywelyn the Great in the 13th century, who protect and defended its owner possessions and the live of a royal baby.
I can not disclose the end (although you must already be aware of it as it is a popular legend) but I just would like to strongly recommend this DVD as a fantastic entertainment for all the members of the family, as I have just witnessed at home!
more information and online purchases: